Friday, May 13, 2011

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Movie Theatre St Louis! Warner Bros. has announced that it's going to be offering some select movies on Facebook along with the first movie being offered online to Facebook users will likely be 'The Dark Knight.' It marks the start collaboration involving the powerful realm of social media along with the cinema.

The viewers is going to be able to hire movies for 48 hours and watch it entirely on the site for $3.

New offering by Warner Bros. for Facebook users

Warner Bros. has launched the approval which allows Facebok users to rent and watch movies on Facebook.

Though movies have been regularly promoted on Facebook but were never streamed on this internet site. The release of 'The Dark Knight' will be a test for the potential of the social media.

Thomas Gewecke, president, digital distribution, Warner Brothers, said, 'We think this is a new frontier to make out films available. We're going directly to the people who are already self-identifying fans.'

With greater than 600 million users worldwide, Facebook will be the obvious choice. Comscore, an Internet marketing research firm has announced that Facebook is America's second favorite website.

Though movies are already regularly promoted on Facebook but were never streamed on this web site. The release of 'The Dark Night' will likely be a test to the potential of the social networking.

Warner Bros. decided to make a debut on the facebook using the second Batman Movie of director Christopher Nolan as it's already popular among the viewers and has more than 3 million registered fans.

The fee of $3 will be the same as the rent charged by studios on and iTunes of Apple.

Warner Bros can be looking forward to a further advantages a social media site provides like when a user watches a show on Facebook it will be promoted to all the friends of that user.

Facebook enters the highly competitive market

Faceboook will almost certainly face competition from Apple, Netflix and YouTube.

Camscore figures established that it was utilised by 42 million users in January for uploading and streaming videos.

Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg has always wanted to allow all kind of activities for the users on his site like sending e-mails, doing offers, and watching videos.

Other studios are expected to follow suit and they are just waiting for the response Warner Bros. gets looking at the initiative. Warner Bros. has also announced that it will be offering more titles soon to Facebook users.

The revenue from DVD's and Blue Ray discs is consistently falling however the online business is increasing at a steady pace.

Netflex shares fell by six percent as soon as the news came on Tuesday.

Ingrid Chung, an analyst with Goldman Sachs said, 'Facebook represents a brand new potential entrant that few within the investment community were worried about prior to this announcement.'

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