Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Movie Times Amc Theaters! Got a good DVD collection built up? Nice job. Take a minute and go take a look at them. They're going to be obsolete soon.

That's because hard disk based flicks may soon become the norm-at least, that is what companies like are betting on.

A growing number of Americans have high speed Internet connections, and also the technology comes the advantage of convenience-for instance, you'll be able to go onto a music service like iTunes and pull-up nearly any band you'll be able to think of from the library many, many times larger than the local CD store, pay ten bucks and possess the album downloaded during first minutes. (short for "Video for the go"; clever, eh?) is locating a lot of money in the idea that exactly the same technology could bring movies into homes via the Internet. The Vongo service lets users pay a bill every month and download each of the movies they need, so long as the movies they need are C-class horror movies and comedies (their library isn't too large yet). You can download movies at different qualities, too, when you want to view a movie about the one or two devices that they support, you'll be able to get a smaller download, and if you want better made, you may have that option, too. You can schedule downloads to begin with immediately, or start during the night when you're asleep, or even in the morning prior to going to work so that you may have something to observe when you get home.

That means no more trips to video rental stores, no longer trips to Target to get a copy of Glitter, and you can forget sorting through DVDs to obtain the one you need to watch; it will be on your hard drive with everything else you possess. Pull up the Vongo browser (or whatever other movie downloading service you may eventually get to select) and scan through your movies alphabetically; find what you're looking for and play it on the computer or stream it to your TV.

iTunes has started up a unique movie store (Apple is even coming out with a device to generate watching movies on your TV that are stored on your own computer easy by streaming everything at blazingly fast speeds), and it's really widely expected that Netflix will get into hard disk-based movies soon. It seems like an obvious step away from the flawed, inconvenient medium.

However, getting the movie studios behind the buzz might be tough; currently, the bigger-name movies for the service are nevertheless opting just to offer a pay-per-view program as opposed to the subscription service that Vongo's really trying to plug, and the movie library that Vongo offers is nowhere nearby the vast size iTunes' music library. iTunes themselves don't have the best selection, as well as their CEO controls Disney.

The movie studios are antsy, given that they associate downloading movies with piracy. It's the necessary opposition that accompany the introduction of any new medium. But if a bigger company like Netflix or Blockbuster gets to the realm of online movie downloads which enable it to put some bargaining weight into things, we may start to see DVDs becoming less popular. After all, why should you go out and buy something when it is possible to download it doubly easily?

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