Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Movie Showtimes Bangkok Thailand! Windows Movie Maker has been in every version of Windows since Me... XP and Vista... but it isn't in Windows 7. What does that mean for the community of Movie Maker users? They can download and install Window Live Movie Maker and MM2.6, add Photo Story 3, and continue making movies.

The next version of Windows beyond Vista is Windows 7. The first beta version released towards the public what food was in January 2009. A number of updates, combined with final release, were made and then. Windows 7 was formally released on October 22, 2009 - I or anything else hosted release parties.

My installations went well. The first thing I did was confirm what I'd read about Windows Movie Maker not being included. Yup, it isn't really. Other than having Windows DVD Maker, it is a clean slate with regards to making movies.

The final Windows 7 release introduced two new issues personally:

1. The driver for your TV Tuner on my own 5 yr old HP desktop isn't Windows 7 compatible so I can't watch or record TV from it. The driver had worked fine with every one of the beta releases but was turned off by the last.

2. Similarly, Photo Story 3 (PS3) had installed and worked on each beta release, but wouldn't install around the final... Microsoft resolved the PS3 issue but I'm still looking forward to a Windows 7 compatible TV tuner driver.

I had also read that Windows 7 automatically provides enhanced choices if you plug in a computer device. I was curious to view my choices when I connect my Sony Mini-DV camcorder (TRV80 model) using a FireWire cable and turn it on in VCR mode. It was recognized, a motorist was automatically installed, but no options were presented, even if it's just one to import videos from the camcorder. There wasn't any software to accomplish anything with all the camcorder.

It's an operating system with little to nothing into it for doing video work ... where will we go from here?

Microsoft recommends the free download from the latest Windows Live Suite, such as Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) for Vista and Windows 7 (XP doesn't support WLMM). That gets you the newest version, but one considerably slimmed down in features from MM2.one out of XP or MM6 in Vista. It's good for quickly making a youtube video and uploading to YouTube, although not for anything close on the kinds of serious editing you're able to do with classic versions of Movie Maker.

Experienced users will want to continue with what they've become familiar with. It works out the special Vista edition MM2.6 downloads, installs and works fine on Windows 7. It was created by Microsoft to help you those who were having problems while using version 6.0 in Vista. Although stripped of several features, it's pretty much aligned while using familiar MM2.1 of Windows XP. MM2.6 may be the only classic version of Movie Maker this is a stand-alone download from Microsoft plus an easy installation ... obtain it at:

Movie Maker 2.6

MM2.6 gets the features absolutely edit and provide a video, nevertheless it doesn't have the importing feature of MM2.1. For that, you need to use the import wizard inside Windows Live Suite. MM2.6 works well with the Pixelan Spice FX6 packages of extras and Wizards, and you can setup other custom effects and transitions to work by it.

I've copied MM1 and MM2.1 from my XP system and MM6 from my Vista system, registered the DLLs and they are working well. But I haven't yet added many with the thousands of extra 3rd party special effects and transitions that are on my XP and Vista computers.

It turns out installing MM2.6 also resolved some Issues I knowledgeable about MM2.one out of Windows 7. It's not surprising because they are very similar with one generated for XP as well as the other for Vista. The Windows 7 method is closer to Vista.

In addition to the newest version of Movie Maker, the Windows Live Suite includes a relevant video import wizard that works with a mini-DV or digital8 camcorder connected by FireWire. MM1 and MM2.one in Windows 7 also capture video from my mini-DV camcorder, when connected by FireWire.

Imported films can be browsed in the folders in the Windows Live Photo Gallery or imported into the collections with the classic versions of Movie Maker.

Starting without any version of Movie Maker in Windows 7, I'm now running with five of these.

Photo Story 3 is a favorite of numerous when it comes to making those neat Ken Burns style films from excellent still pictures. First developed for XP, the app downloaded, installed and ran fine on the beta releases of Windows 7. Clips produced could be used in Windows Live Movie Maker or classic Movie Maker projects. But, as I noted above, the last Windows 7 release had somehow turned off the ability to install or use PS3 on many computers.

Microsoft tweaked the compatibility checks that stopped PS3 plus it now downloads and runs fine on Windows 7.

Movie Maker has become and still is often a favorite video editing app for those learning about digital video editing. For advanced prosumers and professionals, other software is usually used as opposed to, or with, Movie Maker.

My overall knowledge about Windows 7 is positive. I have it on two 32-bit computers (a laptop as well as a desktop) plus a new 64-bit desktop. I'm experiencing the added complexities to make movies inside the Windows 7 environment.

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