Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Movie Stream Subscription! I haven't subscribed to a satellite or digital cable service in years. Internet TV on Linux. Here's how.

It has been above 10 years since I last had cable TV. I always viewed it as being an unnecessary household expense and missed out on among the best shows in television history. Well, forget about. Over the past number of years I have discovered that not only can I watch what I want online utilizing a Linux PC but I have complete freedom of when I watch it. Lets take a look at some of the programs and websites that, through the years, have allowed me capture all my favorite shows over the internet on my Linux PC free of charge.

Boxee: Movies, TV Shows and Video from the Internet on your TV. Boxee is an excellent media player in it's own right. It does a great job of playing your archived movies and TV shows. The real great thing about Boxee though may be the various plugins available that permit you to watch TV, online, anytime. These plugins include Justin.TV, MLB.TV, BBC and many more.

Miro: Miro is simply program created by combining FireFox, VLC and Vuze into one. It lets you search, download and play your chosen TV shows starting from the main Miro interface. With a simplified interface as well as a plethora of readily available multimedia, Miro is a superb choice for anyone who likes to keep each of their Internet TV in a on their Linux PC.

chrome tv: Chrome TV is provided for free plug-in to look at online TV direct out of your browser. With more than 3,000 TV channels from all of over the world, this really is best way to only watch TV on your computer. All the channels you love ' sports, music, news, movies, lifestyle, entertainment, movies and more ' in a single small icon on your own browser.

tv chrome: TV Chrome could be the TV Extension for Google Chrome. Watch TV directly out of your Chrome Browser, it's Easy & Free! 2780 Live TV Channels sorted by country & by category, the TV-CHROME allow you to observe thousands of TV channels freely available on the internet. powered with the biggest and a lot up to date database.

TV-FOX: TV Add-on for Firefox - Watch TV directly out of your Firefox Browser, 2780 Live TV Channels sorted by country & category, the TV-FOX allow you to observe thousands of TV channels freely available online. powered through the biggest and many up to date database.

Have a web site where you watch Internet TV on Linux? Share with the other readers VIA the comments form following article.

As you can see there are ample locations on the internet that you can watch TV. From old grayscale movies towards the most recent episodes of your selected show, the Internet has your TV needs covered.

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