Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Movie Showtimes Columbia Mo! iMovie can be a powerful, yet easy to use, video editor for Apple computers. Unfortunately, it is simply available for Macs. There are, however, some good Windows programs offering just as many features, and they are equally intuitive. This article explores the top alternatives to iMovie for PC users.

iMovie has always a strong following among Mac users because of its simple interface and polished final product. It embraced precisely what was good about Apple computers, and quickly became a fan favorite. A Windows version would surely sell a good amount of copies, but Apple seems unlikely to indulge PC users in this way any time soon. But, should you be pining for iMovie, and consider using a PC for the foreseeable future, all isn't yet lost. There are lots of great options to iMovie for PC users. Here are five of the most effective video editors which are all capable of matching, or surpassing, iMovie.

Perhaps the biggest PC option to iMovie could be Windows Live Movie Maker. It is liberated to download and seamlessly integrates into any Windows environment. It doesn't offer users way too many advanced features, but this makes it a very approachable software application that may be used by video enthusiasts of most skill levels. You can add transitions, text and effects while also having the ability to edit both car stereo files. Sharing options enable you to publish your video right to Facebook or YouTube, and HD resolutions are designed for your finished movies.

Available like a standalone product, or in a deal with Photoshop Elements, Adobe's Premiere Elements is the one other great substitute for iMovie for PC users. As well as the standard editing abilities you would expect, this feature packed video editor features a variety of high-end effects which can be automated or simplified so that everyone can enjoy their benefits. For instance, camera shake and color issues are automatically corrected, graphics might be set to follow along with the motion of an subject inside your video and audio may be screened to help you filter out background noise. These abilities make Premiere Elements a fantastic choice.

Sony's Vegas Movie Studio HD is not always easy and simple to learn, however it is almost always present on any shortlist of the most effective video editing software solutions because of the quality and depth of features which they offer. Although not for novices, experienced iMovie users really should have little trouble learning the basics of how to navigate and get the top out of this powerful editor. This software enables you to create standard DVD in addition to Blu-ray discs of your movies, and new tools, like white balance adjustment, video restoration tools and the ability to record live voiceovers make this a compelling selection for iMovie converts.

Corel's VideoStudio Pro series does a fantastic job at being all things for all people. Whether you would like to make some quick edits or possibly a professional looking feature film, VideoStudio has the strength and power to make it happen. Movie templates, video filters, title effects, transitions and HD capabilities a few of the standout features you'll be able to look forward to. Blu-ray burning, portable media player file outputs and sharing options including direct uploads to Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr round off a remarkable video editing package that easily rivals iMovie for quality and simplicity.

Movie Edit Pro and Movie Edit Pro Plus are traditionally the underdogs on this group, nevertheless they offer precisely what is perhaps the most effective value of of these titles. With over 1000 special effects and transitions, it won't take long to create your movies look really unique. An easy drag and drop interface and full HD support make this an appealing choice for all skill levels. There is support for 5.1 audio, online publishing and also the Plus version on this software even lets you import and edit 3D movies.

In short, it would be foolish to lament losing iMovie for too much time when there are so many great options around for Windows. Many of them are more than able to recreating the identical quality and effects that you were used to with iMovie, although some might even surpass those standards. Free trials are intended for most of the titles, so why wouldn't you try one today and see what you think.

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