Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Movie Review Up And Down

Movie Review Up And Down! Looking at the differences between the Blu-ray format along with the DVD format, what one will win? The reigning champion or the new contender?

To tell the truth, several years ago while using start of the new format wars between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, it was not easy to call who does be the clear winner. Now, 3 years later, Blu-Ray is the clear winner, but what achieved it win exactly? With the economy being as bad as it's, the average consumer doesn't need enough money to splurge on an expensive setup for Blu-Ray. Consider the things you'll have to get an experience above DVD-quality out of a Blu-Ray Disc: HDTV, Receiver, Speakers, HDMI connections, and an expensive disc player. So if you are still on the fence, it's with justified reason, right now, DVD is still the reigning champion in the local Blockbuster. That being said, let's take phone merits with the DVD compared to those from the Blu-Ray Disc.

I still remember when individuals were on the fence about switching from VHS to DVD players, and that wasn't way too long ago. About ten years ago, VHS was finally supplanted by the DVD format as the standard for from movie-watching to movie-recording and file storage. This change was implemented quickly because while DVD players initially were extremely expensive, it didn't take too much time for people to understand that it was obviously a revolutionary change in quality. The DVD held much more information along with a much more loss-less way, instead of the magnetic VHS tape that could be erased on a whim.

Today, the DVD continues to be on top of its game. The way DVDs remain making their way in the hands of customers is because of how cheap they are. Consider that if I desired to rent a DVD movie to get a single night and observe it, that single rental will surely cost me a dollar. For Blu-Ray, no such option exists, I would have to go to a local movie rental company, pay over $4 to rent the movie approximately 5 days.

The saturation from the DVD on the market today likewise helps significantly. Almost every house in America has seen or played a DVD in the course of the past year, and consequently, services like RedBox and Netflix are so useful and profitable.

But it's not just affordability. The common person perceives DVD quality to be sufficiently good that they wouldn't should waste money buying expensive equipment to try out Blu-Ray or another formats. To an audiophile or those that crave their video in 1080p, such talk is blasphemy, in the hands of an non-informed person, a $20 DVD player is considerably more effective than a $200 Blu-Ray player.

I'm a large proponent with the Blu-Ray format. Is it because with the high-bit-rate TrueHD multichannel in DTS? Is it because with the 1080p video that creates the images on the screen come to life? Is it because from the amount of features and quality which can be crammed in a 50 Gb Disc? The answer is which it's all with the above.The Blu-Ray Disc is a leap forward technologically, then one that was inconceivable about 5 years ago inside the heyday from the DVD format.

Of course, the main barrier of entry to the Blu-Ray Disc 'party' could be the cost. Currently, someone working minimum wage or a lower-end job can most assuredly afford a DVD player and a $1 rental to get a great family movie night, but they can't afford the setup necessary to watch movies in 1080p.

Another downside to Blu-Ray is who's's still traditional considering a market that's increasingly bypassing into the digital realm. Microsoft captured made a powerful statement about not having to install Blu-Ray players of their Xbox systems through providing 1080p streaming video over the Internet. How well this service works remains to become seen, and the cost is still a bit too high, however, if it works, streaming video could easily supplant the DVD and Blu-Ray formats.

With streaming video, so long as there is an Internet-enabled box underneath your TV, you can access the content you want over the Internet at any time, and hopefully to get a monthly fee as an alternative to an individual, per-movie cost. Even better, in case you are the sort that does not mind getting their hands dirty, an HTPC can be an investment in the future of movie watching.

With an HTPC plus an Internet enabled Wireless-N card, you'll send your video watching into new heights. A simple DVR program as well as a TV tuner will ensure that all the information that you already purchase via cable and satellite can easily be recorded and watched later. Furthermore, if you have the know-how, the Internet is plagued by copies of high-resolution movies, even 1080p movies that, despite having a good Internet connection will simply take 3-4 hours to download.

The harsh reality for that DVD and the Blu-Ray format is that physical discs seem to get on their way out. For those that are able to pay for their video, apparently streaming is a a lot more friendly solution that doesn't involve the use of your physical rental location in any way. Just take a seat, pop open the bag of popcorn striking play ' your movie should start for only a few seconds of buffering.

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