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!!! Movie Theatres Brampton On

Movie Theatres Brampton On! This is the second article in a very series at no cost TV and movie online viewing.

I recently had dinner with friends, and noticed your children watching wire programs. My friends proudly announced they only had the "movie channels" the cable company necessary for basic service, but that your children watched their best network series. I asked the amount the cable bill set rid of it, and was astonished to find they were happy to pay nearly $400 a year for television.

In 1985, I was stationed in England where a TV tax has to be paid to own and watch a television set. That's not a joke- it's real. If the tax isn't paid, you're fined and the television was confiscated. If you had been military, much like me, you had even more problems. Those laws are nevertheless in force. I paid nearly $400 12 months for four channels. Two independent channels and two BBC government regulated ones.

I really do not want to pay to observe TV again. I began researching online to get sites I could watch movies free, and wrote about seventeen of which. I enjoy watching movies in many genres , nor miss cable in any way.

Recently, after viewing my online TV guide, I wondered if I could access one other networks online and view programs and movies free. I found my answer. Yes.

Here are ten network sites to look at free online programs and movies. Not all sites show full- length movies-yet. There are several thirty-second commercials during these programs. That's far fewer than on regular television. Nothing listed here requires special downloads, emails or memberships of any kind.

While many sites offer no movies yet, you never know what the future holds? Perhaps if enough people contacted web sites the network might eventually give you a movie or two.

Discovery Channel

No full- length movies, but I watched instances of "The Colony," "The Deadliest Catch," and episodes from your "Animal Planet" series. There are many more available. I especially enjoyed clips from "Monster Animal Videos." There are truly amazing animals on this planet.

Many documentaries are available for free viewing too. For those who are back school, is really a place to study research with out a cable bill or renting a DVD.


To watch movies, click the Syfy movies link on the right side from the screen. Click the links of "Syfy Original Movies," and "Sci fi Classics" to determine the currently playing full-length feature. Syfy original movies are shown on, look into the site to discover the movie currently playing. This site also plays several Syfy series.

There are episodes of "Haven," "Warehouse 13," "Ghosthunters Academy," "Tin Man," and others.

This site now offers online games, for example "Dark Orbit," "Ninja," "Mahjong," and others. "But wait - there's more," as television advertisers say. Syfy offers sweepstakes, phone apps, e-postcards for you an much, considerably more.

This is a fun site, and my favorite asking price: Free!

Arts and Entertainment - AETV

View the listings of programs for this wonderful network, search for series-related items, play games, and watch full-length episodes. Join online forums to go over your favorite characters/programs.

Here is really a list of a couple of shows: "Dog The Bounty Hunter," "Paranormal State," 'Intervention," and a host a great many others are available free of charge vowing.


This is the better family-friendly site I've found currently. Back to school recipes, hints and tips, games to try out, listings of holidays and online shopping are just the beginning.

Your favorite oldies series like "I Love Lucy," "Touched by an Angel," "Who's the Boss," "Golden Girls," and more are offered for online viewing. New series like, "Dad's Home," "Elevator Girl," "Mending Fences" may also be offered.

Sweepstakes can be found for fans of Hallmark. Currently running can be a chance to view the "Martha Stewart" show live as it's taped. Details are positioned on the site.

Slash Control

Hundreds of free movies are listed, some recent, some not. Every genre looks like it's represented from Bollywood, documentaries plus much more.

Television series will also be available, "The Office", "Stargate SG-1", "The Office" and a lot more. The site possesses a total 88,688 videos for the free viewing pleasure.

Click about the links "Scifi Squad," "Movies," "AOL TV," "Horror Squad," or "TV Squad" to see the online magazines for anyone genres.


This is an additional family-friendly site full of contests, sweepstakes plus more. Free membership must participate in the contests, however.

Episodes of "Army Wives," "Project Runway," "On the Road With Austin & Santino," and others are waiting your viewing.

This site shows LMN network and Lifetime original movies for limited intervals. The movies change on a weekly basis, so check in often. The first time I visited this great site only one movie was available. Now there are nine.

Original webisodes (those shows made exclusively for online viewing) include "Street Doctors," "Mommy Madness" and more.

CW Network

Currently no movies are available, but full instances of series like "Moonlight," "Hellcats," "Smallville" or anything else are.

Join a forum to debate your favorite actor/show. Get the latest photos of your favorite celebrity, watching free previews before anyone sees them on regular television.

There is significantly, a lot more available on this site.


Watch your chosen shows for example, "Hell Date," "The Mo'Nique Show," "Lift Every Voice," and "Comic View." A host of other shows can also be available totally free viewing.

There are webisodes to watch that won't see on television, too as something the other sites don't offer: free music videos.

Explore all of this wonderful site provides. No movies yet, though.


To watch Starz original series free with no subscription, click the "Originals" tab, choose the name from the show you wish to watch and select from available programs.

Newsletters and forums are among other offerings at the same time as movie reviews for currently running and upcoming blockbusters.

Shop for series-related gear online.


Designed for everybody who is young at heart, this great site has something for all. Guides to Disney parks around the globe, games, movie clips, and recipes from superheroes, family activities, and full series episodes are merely the beginning.

Watch "Hannah Montana," "Phineas and Ferb," and several, many more.

There are factoids about current and upcoming movies, forums, contests and, naturally, the Disney Store.

It ought to be mentioned that advertisements on television suggest that free television can be a thing with the past if American's don't act and support this or that PAC (political action committee).

No, I don't personally think that free television can become outdated in America. We like a people won't allow legislators to do that. Think about that for the minute. How would the American Government suddenly regulate, control, and tax an incredible number of televisions? Imagine the response from the ACLU if televisions were suddenly confiscated. Ho, boy.

We were advised overseas that the British Government sends "James Bond-like" trucks through neighborhoods to read the microwaves from homes, and compares the readings against printouts or computer records of who has and hasn't gotten a TV tax license. If the readings out of your place showed a TV was in use, but no license, an inspector or PC (Police Constable) was sent to determine your license. If you didn't produce it, you're fined and the TV was confiscated around the spot.

Can you imagine that here? I don't think so.

If you're on holiday or if the cable box has to go to pay bills, watch free episodes online- pay bills- avoid being deprived of your selected shows.

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