Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Movie Theatre 07047! There are hundreds of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and cartoons freely open to watch over the Internet. These art pieces are now in the population domain, and they are available for viewing by anyone who so chooses.Owners and creators of original artwork will copyright their work with legal protection. However, copyrights usually last between fifty to a single hundred years from the creator's death, or possibly a finite period for anonymous or corporate works. And then, there are some pieces of art that for reasons unknown...the creator chooses to not copyright. When the the lapsed on material using a copyright, the job then falls into public domain. The public domain is a collection of intellectual property that is certainly no longer belonging to any person or entity. The Internet has developed into a virtual library of public domain material, and you're free to watch until your heart is content. So, in case you are surfing the web, and also you find that you have some leisure time on your hands, why not check out many of these interesting films:

The Carnival of Souls

This can be a moody and atmospheric thriller about a group of teenagers associated with a serious vehicular accident, a lady trying to find her way through life out from the ashes of your devastating incident, as well as a strange and eerie carnival that will hold the answer to her future.

Genre: Horror

Watch the movie here:

Dementia 13

Dementia 13 is really a film about lies, deceit, ghosts of the past and deadly family secrets. This film is often a they are most anything graced from the hands of Francis Ford Coppola and Roger Corman. Genre: Horror

Watch the movie here:


Watch like a hitchhiker makes his way across the country to be with the woman he loves and also to make a positive life change. The hitchhiker is found by a character using a rather shady lifestyle and life actually starts to become twisted and distorted for well meaning protagonist. Genre: Suspense/Thriller using a Film Noir form of edge.

Watch the movie here:


This is among my favorite films. If you made a decision to watch this film you'll become fully engrossed as our protagonist "wakes up dead" (almost), and is caught up in the mystery of trying to figure that has "killed him". Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Watch the film here:

Horror Hotel

This film utilized to scare me to death. I'm always a little weirded out by anything with witches and demons. Granted, most films of the sort aren't really scary whatsoever...but this one is different given it has an interesting story plus an underlying eerie type of feel. It's all of a young girl who delves to the mysteries of witchcraft and then get gravely tripped up by her dark interest. Genre: Horror

Watch the film here:

The Last Man On Earth

This could be the first of the films depending on Richard Matheson's book "I Am Legend". The other two are "The Omega Man", starring Charleton Heston' and last year's "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith. This could be the version that stays truest towards the book. Legendary actor Vincent Price stars because ill-fated doctor who's faced with the daunting task of both finding a cure for and defending himself in the former human fiends that haunt the night time Genre: Horror

Watch it here:

There are a good many more of such films on the net, so if you realize that you're bored and you've got nothing easier to do...just retrieve the popcorn and fire up your desktop, and also you'll discover a whole world of movies just waiting to get discovered.

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