Wednesday, April 17, 2013

!!! Local Movie Showtimes San Antonio

Local Movie Showtimes San Antonio! Now that it is almost Halloween, it does not take best time to scare yourself with good'ol scary movies. In my case, I am a real fanatic of horror-thriller-gore films. Anyway, it's somehow weird that if I am going to jot down all the movies I watched in the past 10 months, I guess I could say that I am so indulged with stomach churning and unearthly sort of movies.Most of the time, if ever I watch movies online, I always pay attention to these three words: horror, thriller, and gore. Those are my personal favorite keywords when searching for scary and horrifying movies about the web--doesn't matter if your movie is a decade-old as long as it's able to sending chills into my spine. Having said this, I think I already have gotten used to watching eerie and ghastly stuff so far as my choice of movies is worried.If you'd ask me if I get nightmares after watching such movies, my fact is...Yes! Well, everybody gets nightmares once in a while. At least, when I awaken, I know it's just a bad dream and I can continue enjoying the benefits of goosebumps I get from watching horrifying and shocking movies.

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