Saturday, April 6, 2013

!!! Movie Theatre Tulsa Ok

Movie Theatre Tulsa Ok! As I head into my garage where I can pop the 8-track into my quadraphonic stereo and mellow out to the Mamas and Papas, I say to myself, "I love the digital age."

No, wait.

Skip forward to the cassette after which to the CD on the MP3 player, or even from the VHS for the DVD towards the digital download. Thanks to leaps in technology, along with no small part towards the Internet, we can now download movies or watch them streaming from the site online. While the music counterpart was quick to ban against MP3 technology, after which eventually allow it to in, the Hollywood system may be cautious, nay leery, of digital technology.

Why this is no one can say for sure. Part of it could possibly be the fight between the RIAA and peer-to-peer sites over copyright infringement, which includes led towards the creation of bit torrent sites for downloading. Part of it might be that downloading hurts any current contracts with DVD distribution companies. And part of it could be mankind's caution with technology. No one of those reasons is more than the others.

With the proliferation with the peer-to-peer and bit torrent sites, Hollywood was a lot more than compelled to begin offering movies for downloading. Sites such as CinemaNow, Movielink, and Vongo have sprouted offering users around 4,000 video/movie titles in addition to hundreds of TV show episodes. iTunes has also joined the market, extending their interests from just music to TV, movies, and music videos.

Back on the question: will digital downloading kill DVD/Blu-ray discs?

"Yes" because:

- Society has become "instant gratification," along with faster Internet ability and movies being able to be compressed for the size of 1gb, they're going to become easier to download. And when someone's finished the movie and no longer desires to keep it on his or her harddrive, they could just delete it.

- Downloading will eliminating the "need" for packaging. Like the example above, gone will be the need to cope with scratched discs or misplaced ones, or creating shelf space to accommodate your collection when you can maintain it on some type of computer.

- Downloading will position the current video retailers (Blockbuster, Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video) out of business by offering "what's new" to users online instead of making users wait in line at a checkout or brave "weather elements" since they stand outside videos cube.

"No" because:

- Currently, we do not have the electronic infrastructure for it. This means that if EVERY person inside the U.S. logged onto download a movie, the Internet would HALT. While this really is a worst-case scenario, it brings about the point that as a way to offer more movies to more and more people, networks have to be changed/ rearranged, and we aren't currently simply because happening.

- It would be extremely difficult (at least from the current standpoint) to offer the more than 21,000 films that have been made online. Each week several movies can be obtained on disc, with just a fraction available on the web. We would first have to give everything current before tackling the insurmountable-looking back catalog.

- Believe it or not, some people want the opportunity to hold a youtube video in their hands, packaging and all. They don't value shelf space or depreciating value; it's to be able to look correctly (as being a book) and pop it to the DVD player after they want, as opposed to having to traverse a computer which they don't like having.

- There is no clear platform for downloaded movies. Some from the services utilize a browser, while others use the application developed by the company.

- Digital rights management. The above mentioned download sites get their "special" means of displaying the movie you downloaded. Eventually, movie downloading and watching must go cross-platform, this means the above companies will have to agree on one format to use as a way to show the films. That will also make the movies "easier" to pirate and transport.

- With all the viruses caught, in addition to "inclement weather," what happens when your computer DIES? The motherboard fries, the harddrive locks up, etc. If your collection isn't burned onto disc, you're in trouble...

In closing, my belief is always that digital downloading, even though it is an interesting addition to movie watching, includes a ways to go before it is going to get for the point it requires to be. That with the fact that computers aren't 100% reliable, I do not believe that video discs are leaving all that soon.

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