Friday, April 26, 2013

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Pinoy Movie Streaming Sites! Every day, we hear people wishing for things' issues that we would like to see happen, things we are going to do someday and things that should go our way. It seems that the minute these wishes are uttered, anyone expressing these wishes enjoys a family member peace of mind that temporarily satisfies the speakers yen. In parallel, the speaker feels that the world has now been notified that:

O We are worth it

O It is mine to the taking

O I am successful

These wishful words are usually, most of the time however, a verbal and mental sedative that provides us an incorrect sense of impending achievement as countless wishes rarely materialize.

I saw a saying years ago that was so simple'. but when I read it'. I knew which it had some which means that demanded I change my personal habits.

'Happy are the types who dream dreams, and they are ready to pay the price to make them come true.'

I took a double handle those words and committed them to memory and also at that moment in time vowed that I would speak to conviction in everything I did, knowing full well that I must 'pay a price.' The price could possibly be time, it might be money or it could be sacrificing old habits and amusement.

I did not know what that meant back then but knew that something must be changed. Soon thereafter I was introduced, in the specialized training course, to a audiotape from Denis Waitley that's known around the world, major corporations and also the US Olympic Committee as a possible authority in Personal Development. My initial skepticism with the need for such listening was met with a feeling of' 'this is indeed simple, it is only common sense' and figured I had mastered everything that should be mastered. To my surprise, every single day of a 5-day training course required a dedicated listening to Denis's audio tapes and I quickly pointed out that 'Common Sense' is absolutely not that common in the end.

No wonder Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill et al are leaders inside $8 Billion Dollar Personal Development market! I left that Training program and purchased almost all of Denis's work and over the years I added additional experts work into our collection of tapes & books.

Wishing for success, and committing oneself to success are two different things and carry two different energy levels. The 'wish' element is a passive utterance that carries a hopeful desire that somebody, as well will be happy to help us achieve our expressed thought. The 'commitment' element however draws from an inner source of energy which when properly articulated, committed and acted upon has the power to operate a vehicle us' and the power to alert the world that we are on a mission. With Persistence, Perspiration and Passion, the three PPP's, we can easily in fact make our dreams become a reality.

Churches everywhere remind everyone of what I will term sound judgment values that people should follow; it's not at all rocket science. Yet in spite of this sound judgment teaching we still return to church and therefore are constantly reminded. By the same token, experiencing our very own mental state to condition our thought processes to be independent, strong, tenacious and committed requires training, and guidance.

If you've got dreams of your own that you want to become a reality, the capability to make those dreams becoming reality starts within you. It is usually clouded though, and suppressed. It needs to get awakened. Leverage the feeling and guidance of other people who have learned to overcome fears, establish direction and adopt a burning desire for that attainment of these aspirations.

A simple way to develop a step-by-step plan and to condition your mind for success is to create a one-way communication plan with experts with a weekly, or monthly basis. Set time aside, look for a book and invite these authors into your own personal home and allow them to tell you how they achieved success and your skill to obtain similar results.

Another option is always to use technology, videos and e-mail. Success University, in a little over two years has become the world's favorite Personal Development website using technology to get 50+ with the world's foremost authorities right into your individual home in a fraction from the cost one would need to pay for other means. Instant download movies, monthly DVD's delivered through the postman and weekly e-mails bring crisp, timely, profound and outstanding material into your home. The beauty of this product is that this results of your listening can increase your relationships, romantic endeavors and even your finances.

I invested 100's of dollars building up my audio-video and book collection over the years and now' this same material is available to everyone automatically and certainly conveniently over a weekly/monthly cause of less than the daily cost of your cup of coffee.

Invest in your own future and discover the inner strength, independence and ingenuity which is trapped as part of your past conditioning. Watch the 11-minute video at it is likely to represent a really big, and positive change, in your individual life!

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